Katja Bak

is a twenty-something designer, UI-enthusiast, auto-didact and flaneur.

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The Creatives Curse: Perpetual Creative Existential Crisis.

A couple of days ago, I had a chat with Nick Hallam. I went to Uni with Nick and though we weren’t in the same year, we shared some mutual friends. I admired his ethic and drive - even more so when he started up Positive Posters and Sex, Drugs & Helvetica.

I follow Nick on Twitter and noticed him working extensively on a new app. As always, I was struck by his drive, work ethic, intellect, objectivity, thoroughness and design skill. I admire Nick and what he does.

We all love what we do. And sometimes, we create things that we think “heh, that’s not bad.” But there is a widespread phenomena in our industry. Working for years and years, creating and crafting countless things, award winning things that people love and adore, and really not feeling particularly proud of any of it in ourselves. Not really feeling satisfied or fulfilled.

Nick and I discussed the challenge of choosing...

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How I’ve moved on, in every way.

I’ve moved my blog from Wordpress to Svbtle. While I love Wordpress, I find it a little bloated and overcomplicated. That, and I was sick of receiving 10+ emails about comments on my blog from spam bots (“this post is very interesting on the topic of x, I am going to revisit this website daily…”). I’m sure there was a way to block that from happening, but I’m also sure Wordpress should have implemented something that would do that for me (and all of us). Svbtle is stripped back, clean, intelligent, simple and effective.

We’re nearly mid-way through 2014 but it’s about time I take the final, digital step in my ‘moving on’ journey. Without getting too deep and personal, I’ve taken some massive leaping strides in my personal life throughout 2013 and now 2014. Albeit a little late, I’m going to take the same strides in my professional life. Svbtle will be the soil for my new blog which I...

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