The Creatives Curse: Perpetual Creative Existential Crisis.

A couple of days ago, I had a chat with Nick Hallam. I went to Uni with Nick and though we weren’t in the same year, we shared some mutual friends. I admired his ethic and drive - even more so when he started up Positive Posters and Sex, Drugs & Helvetica.

I follow Nick on Twitter and noticed him working extensively on a new app. As always, I was struck by his drive, work ethic, intellect, objectivity, thoroughness and design skill. I admire Nick and what he does.

We all love what we do. And sometimes, we create things that we think “heh, that’s not bad.” But there is a widespread phenomena in our industry. Working for years and years, creating and crafting countless things, award winning things that people love and adore, and really not feeling particularly...

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